VIDEO. “I told him everything”: Bruno Solo explains why he talked about pornography with his son

How do you talk to your child about pornography? When many parents decide to ignore this taboo topic, Bruno Solo has decided to tell his son everything. Confronted with the camera, he explains why it is so important to break the silence. Light on his valuable advice.

“I spoke shamelessly to my son and my daughter, but to a lesser extent.” Here are the words of Bruno Solo. Interviewed by Michel Cymes as part of the program without filter Dr Good, the French actor entrusted his role as a father. The opportunity to publicly broach a subject that is both sensitive and delicate: pornography among young people.

“We don’t give the resources to adults who are so totally helpless when it comes to the words they should use to talk to their children. We also need to give parents the tools to hear the questions kids can ask.”

As soon as his son was twelve years old, Bruno Solo decided to burst the abscess. Objectively ? Awareness of the dangers of content that is too often violent, shocking and far from reality. Because for him it is unbearable that the sexual education of his children is through porn. To avoid this, the actor did not go there along four paths. This direct approach to the subject may come as a surprise, but it has enabled her son to create a… “attitude worthy”

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Meet Michel Cymes and Bruno Solo for an unfiltered interview about Dr Good’s new show: L’intimiste

“My son, when he was 12/13 years old, I started talking to him about p***ography” Find Michel Cymes and Bruno Solo for an unfiltered interview about Dr Good’s new show: L’intimiste

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“When a girl says no, it means no. In porn movies, that’s not always the case. What you see are performances, actors, it is edited, we see a recording, it is a reversed recording. […] You don’t go from one opening to another, it’s dangerous, it’s all under control.”

“I’ve told him all about ejaculation, abuse, erection, achievement, respect and also that he doesn’t care if he’s prone to being in a situation one day where he wouldn’t have a hard-on, where he wouldn’t last long enough I told him everything! With the appropriate words of the moment and the more he grew up, the more I explained him.

Valuable advice for parents struggling to find the words. To continue, learn how to protect your children from pornographic content.

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