VIDEO: Has your Mint Energy electricity bill skyrocketed? Here is the procedure to follow.

Even before the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the context was unfavorable for energy prices. Since then, the situation has only worsened. Indeed, according to INSEE, consumer prices rose 4.5% in March 2022, a significant figure, but a long way from the 800% increase seen by some Mint Energie customers on the price of their latest bill. TF1 devoted a report to it.

The causes

Mint Energie is an energy supplier that offers a 100% sustainable electricity supply. It therefore attracts customers who are environmentally conscious and who are willing to pay a little more for a supply of green electricity.

Two elements are discussed: firstly, a change in the indexation of rates. Some customer contracts are said to have been changed as early as last fall. In an inflationary context, supply, previously indexed to the regulated rate, would now be calculated on the basis of market fluctuations.

On the other hand, Mint Electricity recently acquired Planète Oui, another green energy supplier. Errors may have been made in the reassessment of the consumption of new customers during this transition period.

Legal or not legal?

A change in price indexation is a legal practice, provided consumers are informed of this at least one month in advance.

On the other hand, changing the offer without the express consent of the customer is a commercial practice that is considered misleading. Last November, the consumer association CLCV also denounced the generalization of this type of method by taking four electricity companies to court: “ This is a very harmful practice for consumers and would create a serious trust problem in the market if it were to develop. “, we can read in their press release.

consumer guide

The first question you should ask as a consumer is: “Have I been informed of the change in the indexation of the rate that applies to me?” If you have not received any mail or email, the practice is illegal. You have the right to make a complaint. We interviewed Adeline Laffitte, a Mint customer whose bill went from 134 to 997 euros. The process she followed is as follows:

  • Cancel subscription. All you need to do is subscribe to another supplier who will cancel your old electricity contract.
  • Email a dispute and request a refund. This is the policy currently in place by Mint Energie: ” In their return email they told me that a discrepancy between my actual consumption and the amount withdrawn was possible. They promised me a refund after analyzing my situation in the month of April. †
  • As a last resort, Adeline plans to turn to the national energy broker that settles these types of disputes.

In general, if your priority is tariff security, it will certainly make more sense to subscribe to an electricity supply at the regulated tariff currently applied by EDF in France. If you want to continue to promote a green energy supplier, ADEME introduced the VertVolt label last October to guide consumers in their choice. This link gives you access to a list of certified suppliers. On the other hand, the UFC comparator you choose allows you to compare your current spend with market offers.

If the cheapest energy is the one we do not consume, it is necessary to be well informed to become an informed consumer!

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