VIDEO. Gardener, he grows his vegetables without ever using a drop of water

While water is running out almost everywhere in France, there is a horticulturist for whom this situation is hardly a problem. And rightly so: he has been growing his vegetables for years without any irrigation. Explanation.

Marc Mascetti, based in Marcoussis (Essonne), grows tomatoes, peppers, aromatic herbs and sweet potatoes. And when the Parisian asks him about the drought, he does not hesitate to act surprised:

“What drought? Do you see drought here? Look at my tomatoes, they’ve never looked so good! »

So no watering, and no pesticides or fertilizers. Vegetables are grown at Marc Mascetti “like in the Middle Ages”. His creed? “A vegetable has to take care of itself.”

To look :

“The only way is to understand how nature can develop without water.”

“As soon as you give a vegetable something to drink, you dilute the taste. It’s like a syrup. If you do very little water it is very sweet, if you do a lot of water it is not sweet. A vegetable that has no water will remain small but on the other hand it will be concentrate, it will only be happiness, it will be food.

“We are definitely producing less, that’s for sure. But we don’t want big returns, it’s useless. It is better to produce little and well than to produce much and throw away half. It is better to do little with quality than a lot with nonsense.”

An inspiring approach and words that make you think.

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