VIDEO. Former Homeless Parody Stromae’s ‘Hell’: A Moving And Heartfelt Performance

After its parody of the start-up language, the association Lazare, which fights against the exclusion of the homeless, has come up with a new moving video full of humanity. The idea? To resume Hell from Stromae.

Do you know Lazarus? This association has developed an example project: the development of shared apartments, single-sex, on a human scale, for 6 to 10 people. These places of conviviality are shared by former homeless people and young professionals aged 25 to 35. A human experience that is as beautiful as it is enriching.

To make itself known and to welcome new people, the association regularly shares testimonials and humorous parodies in which the housemates put themselves on stage. Last example so far, this Tuesday, March 8.

This time it’s Fred’s turn, who has lived on the streets for three years, to play the part of Stromae. You will soon notice that the authentic and genuine performance of this former homeless person is strongly inspired by the staging of the Belgian artist on the 20-hour news on TF1

“I had thought of becoming a roommate and I am so proud of that. It is often said that the only way to silence it is this desert through which I live a hell.

Look :

Emmanuel Macron commented on the video stating that Lazare… “The Future French Unicorn!” Next goal for the association: having singer Stromae react.

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