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VIDEO. Climate emergency: Greenpeace unveils shocking video, imagining the France of 2042

In a shocking video, Greenpeace presents the world 20 years after the 2022 presidential election and gives a voice to those who have made the news in France. Objective: to remind them of their responsibilities in the fight against climate change.

The year 2042 according to Greenpeace: politicians, journalists, TV presenters who may or may not regret their lack of involvement in the fight against climate change.

“I haven’t done enough”recognizes former President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. “We were debating and a debate to me is controversy, buzz, spectacle! †defends himself, for his part, Pascal Praud, flagship presenter of NEWS† Valérie Pécresse, 2022 presidential candidate wonders what else she could have done while Cyril Hanouna, star host of the galaxy NEWS to his answer: “If I had known a quarter of a half of what was going to happen to us, I would have been working on ecology 24 hours a day”

A real and imminent danger

You will not believe your eyes, it is normal, these words were not spoken by Emmanuel Macron or Valérie Pécresse. Indeed, these are words that Greenpeace is imagining as part of a campaign unveiled in late February.

In this dystopian fictional video set in 2042, produced using the ‘deep fake’ process, journalists, animators and prominent politicians in 2022 reflect on what has been done and what has not been done and the mistakes of our time in the light. of a real and imminent threat: climate change”describes the NGO in the text accompanying the video.

Goal of the campaign? Raise awareness and bring the issues of ecology and the climate emergency to the forefront of the media, especially in the context of the presidential election campaign. ‘There is still time to intervene so that this disaster scenario remains a fiction’assures Greenpeace.

This awareness campaign is a reminder of the importance of a debate on ecology and climate issues as part of the presidential campaign.

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