VIDEO. “Blood is not blue”: This sketch pokes fun at sanitary pad ads

How do you combine humor and involvement? Couleur 3, a channel of RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) has just set an example with the publication of a new sketch from its humorous series “Bon Ben Voilà”.

The latter, titled “Red Napkins”, begins like any advertisement devoted to menstrual protection: women moving in slow motion, to happy music and a female voiceover who talks about their respective needs during their menstrual cycle.

“When Zoé is on her period, she needs fresh air and escape. (…) When Anouk enters her cycle, she needs warmth and comfort. (…) When Natacha goes through her week, she has to express herself, bring out her creativity. †

“Blood is not blue!”

But while this false advertising seems to mesmerize us, the voiceover changes tone and strikes accurately: “During their period, all women have different needs. But what they don’t need is commercials talking nonsense about sanitary pads! †

uh yes! The actresses then speak in front of the camera to express their frustrations at the representations being made of the periods in advertisements and in particular this mania the brands have for pouring blue liquid to portray the periods: “You need to stop talking shit, blood isn’t blue!” “, “Well no, it’s red! Blood red! †launches the sunday painter.

Discover Bon Ben’s video Here he is:

Red Napkins – Bon Ben Voila #2

“You must stop talking, blood is not blue, nor pink, nor purple!” es: Agathe Hauser, Valérie Paccaud, Donatienne Amann Thanks: Dona and Blaise, Lola Sacier – Ateliers de Bellevaux.

Posted by Couleur3 on Thursday 24 March 2022

In France, it took until 2018 for a brand to finally take the plunge and display a red liquid in the image, like this article from the inrocks

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