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VIDEO. After fleeing Kiev, a little girl sings the Ukrainian national anthem in front of 14,000 people

Amelia Anisovych, 7, took the Polish stage to sing the national anthem of her country at war. And if his name doesn’t tell you anything, chances are you’ve already heard his voice…

Do not forget that on March 3, a touching video made the rounds on social networks. We discovered a young Ukrainian girl who sang “Let it go”the tube of Snow Queen, in an air raid shelter, in Kiev. A tender interpretation that moved the refugees present in the bunker to tears. Since then, the little girl and her 15-year-old older brother have fled the capital, which was bombed by Russian troops, to reach Poland. Today they live with their grandmother.

This Sunday, March 19, little Amelia sang a cappella, not in an underground shelter, but on a stage in front of 14,000 people. She was invited to a benefit concert in Lodz, about a hundred kilometers from Warsaw. In front of the Polish spectators, the little girl, dressed in a traditional Ukrainian dress, interpreted the national anthem of her baptized country Shtche ne vmerla Ukraine (which means Ukraine is not dead yet

Watch (a signed video TVN Discovery Poland

Razem z Ukraine

Takiego otwarcia koncertu nikt nie spodziewał – na scenie pojawiła się Amelia, 7-letnia dziewczynka z Ukrainy, której poruszające wykonanie piosenki “Mam tę moc” w ukraiieskim schronie objekt.

Posted by TVN on Sunday 20 March 2022

A strong emotion in this wartime.

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