VIDEO. Abortion: Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘insane with rage’ before US Supreme Court

Would the United States Supreme Court be willing to look back 50 years on abortion? At least this is what the head of the highest US court announced on Monday, May 2, 2022. A draft decision with a punch is harshly condemned by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In 1973, Roe v. Wade opened up the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) in the United States. Thanks to this historic decision, American women can now legally have abortions as long as the fetus is not viable, between 22 and 24 weeks gestation. But has this freedom been fully acquired? It seems not.

The media Politics just released a draft Supreme Court ruling that, if passed as it is, would prohibit American women nationwide from disposing of their bodies in the name of privacy. In other words, they should not abort their pregnancy. This shock text is negotiable until June 30, 2022.

For Elizabeth Warren, it’s an anomaly. “Crazy with rage,” the elected Democrat on Tuesday, May 3, joined protesters who came to defend the right to abortion before the Supreme Court. Before the angry mob, she delivered a powerful and dedicated speech on behalf of the freedom of all women.

Watch (a video shared by the Obs


“I’m furious because an extremist five-member US Supreme Court thinks it can dictate to tens of millions of women in this country the decisions that are our decisions about our lives. They think so! They’re wrong!”

“I am angry with those who have to pay the price. It won’t be the rich women. Rich women can get on a plane, they can go to another state, to another country. They can get the protection they need. It is borne by the poorest women in our country. It will fall on young women who have been abused, who have become victims of incest. It will fall on the adults who have been raped.”

“I’m here because I’m upset about what happened, but I’m here today because I’m determined not to let this decision stand.”

A valuable speech that deserves to be heard.

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