VIDEO. A wolf was filmed in Brittany: a first in a century

No specimen had been seen since 1913. And finally, this Wednesday, May 4, 2022, more than a century after the last sighting, a wolf was spotted in the Monts d’Arrée, in Brittany. Light on this important discovery.

It was only a matter of time for the wolf to return to Brittany. And rightly so, for several months, several individuals have been identified in Loire-Atlantique, as well as in other neighboring regions. In order not to miss this moment, cameras have been installed in several strategic places, in particular in the town of Berrien, in the mountains of Arrée. It is precisely here that the wolf’s presence was noticed, this Wednesday, May 4, as confirmed by the prefecture of Finistère.

Look :

A lasting return?

Sure, these first images offer hope for the species that is still threatened in France, but “at this stage, due to this observation in Finistère, we cannot say that the wolf settles in the department”explain the authorities, quoted by 20 minutes† Especially since the animal was observed alone and far from areas of confirmed presence.

If the Wolf Observatory is optimistic about the wolf’s return to Brittany, it’s not for everyone. Indeed, for many, the Breton lands lack food resources and wide open spaces, two elements that are nevertheless essential for the species to be able to establish itself in the long term. As a reminder, the wolf had disappeared from Brittany in 1913, mainly due to excessive hunting.

It remains to discover how the wolves evolve on the territory…

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