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VIDEO. A moving short film about the friendship between a healthy little girl and a disabled boy

Intrusive looks, derogatory comments, teasing, negligence… Many children show a lack of courtesy in the face of a disability, especially at school. To educate young and old, Pedro Solís García has made a beautiful, tender and moving short animation film.

How do you talk to your child about a disability? How do you teach him benevolence towards a person with a disability or who is experiencing difficulties? These are all complex yet essential questions that every parent faces. In his animated film called Cuerdasstrings), the Spanish director highlights the friendship between a little girl, María, and a boy with cerebral palsy. He can’t talk or move.

Unlike the other students, the little girl will show empathy for her new classmate. She will use her imagination to play with him in the playground and share moments of complicity. Over the minutes, we discover that the differences between these two children are not an obstacle, but a real strength.

Look :

This short film is inspired by the personal story of Pedro Solís García. Her daughter does indeed play with her handicapped brother as María plays with her classmate. Since its inception in 2013 Cuerdas is regularly broadcast in the classroom, so much so that the Ministry of Culture recommends it for its educational purposes.

younothe beautiful ode to the acceptance of diversity.

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