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VIDEO. A dog flies with its owner in a paraglider: sublime and surprising images

Ouka is a dog like no other. He shares his master’s passion: paragliding. That’s how he learned to fly.

There are dogs that like to play ball, swim in a lake or even run with their owner. Ouka, 3 years old, has a more original activity… With his owner, Shams, this beautiful white dog goes paragliding in the Alps.

Passionate about this sport, Shams tells in a video of the Parisian that he immediately wanted to test it with his four-legged friend. First the sportsman promised to “testing his abilities to see if it would be good to fly, because it’s not completely harmless either”† And there, good news, the master realizes that his faithful companion has no fear of heights at all. “When we were in the mountains he was on the edge of the cliffs and it was more me who was afraid of him”remembers the paraglider.

A first flight of 10 seconds

Shams then goes on to introduce his dog to paragliding. The two companions living in a van settle several weeks before a runway. There Ouka can meet the paragliders he sees taking off every day. “I started playing with my sail next to him so he got used to the sound, the noise, the movements of the sail and also taught him how to behave around the sail”continues Shams.

After she became familiar with sailing, Ouka was able to put on a special harness for the first time. “he said nothing”remarked his master. “The next step was to teach him to get between my legs and run with me to take off. †

When he was done, Ouka was able to take off. The first flight lasted about ten seconds “to see if the takeoff and landing went well”† The next flights, Shams extends the duration. 1 minute, then 5, 10, 15 minutes… “and more and more”.

To reassure internet users who may be concerned about the fate that awaits this dog, his owner reassures him: he knows his companion and knows when he does not want to fly, but prefers to go for a walk in the woods. “At the moment he shows no signs of fear, anxiety or trauma. †

Watch the video :

Ouka, the dog who controls a paraglider with his master

This is how Ouka, a 3-year-old dog, learned to paraglide ️

Posted by Le Parisien on Tuesday 15 February 2022

Beautiful images and a beautiful bond between a person and his animal.

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