Veja and Sea Shepherd team up to create vegan and dedicated sneakers

This is called showing commitment. The French brand Veja has decided to team up with Sea Shepherd to create a new pair of sneakers inspired by “pirates of the sea”. As the name suggests, the “Dekkan x Sea Shepherd” is a revised version of the “Dekkan” model, in black and 100% vegan. The logo of the NGO fighting to protect the oceans and marine biodiversity appears on the tongue and outside of both shoes.

True to its reputation as an environmentally responsible brand, Veja has designed this pair with ecological materials: the upper, lining and laces are made from recycled polyester, the insoles are made from sugar cane and the outsole is a blend of rubber. † These dedicated sneakers should be suitable for movement on deck and in the boat of the Sea Shepherd “pirates” during their actions at sea.

The model will be displayed for 150 euros on the Veja site and all profits from the sale will be donated to the NGO. Through this partnership, the sneaker brand hopes to provide visibility to the actions of the Sea Shpeherd “pirates” while providing them with financial support.

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