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Vegetable garden: these 6 flowers are indispensable to attract or repel insects

There’s nothing like tasting the organic vegetables from your vegetable garden! And to enjoy a good harvest without having to spray your beautiful tomatoes with phytosanitary products, a technique has proven itself: planting flowers in the vegetable garden. In addition to bringing joy to your rows of vegetables, flowers, depending on their species, can attract or repel certain insects. Just select them carefully. Here are some tips to guide you.

Why bet on flowers in the vegetable garden?

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Attract pollinators

There are many good reasons to invite flowers to the vegetable garden, but the first is undoubtedly that they attract pollinators such as bumblebees, bees or butterflies† These come to pollinate your plants so that they can’t provide beautiful fruits and vegetables later on.

Repel or repel unwanted

Due to their size or their very present fragrance, flowers such as the marigold or the cosmos have the ability to repels certain insect pests like the whitefly. Conversely, planted at the base of a strawberry plant, nasturtiums will attract aphids that will leave your delicate red fruits alone. Others, such as the marigold will even secrete substances through their roots to keep unwanted people out of the vegetable garden.

Aerate and disinfect the soil

Some flowers, such as the cosmos, have a large root system. By sneaking into the earth, the last one loosens the ground and makes it more hospitable for your plants. Concern, meanwhile, has the particularity of:clearing the ground† That is, if it bears its name badly!

What place to give them?

Flowers are not just a decorative accessory in the vegetable garden. They should be fully integrated into your planting plan, regardless of aesthetic considerations. To be true allies, you have to give them space. To be effective, it is assumed that they must represent on average one third of the plantations† And above all, do not hesitate to vary the types. You will need additional plants, be it honey, nematicides and insecticides.

Which species to choose?


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From March to the first autumn frosts, the calendula officinalismarigold, also called marigold, spreads its orange flowers. True allies in the vegetable garden for attract pollinators but also repel aphids or the whitefly (whitefly) commonly found in greenhouses. It is also a particularly beneficial flower for the soil, purifying and aerating it thanks to its root system.

His best friends: cucumber, garlic, onion, leek, tomatoes, potato, but also fruit such as raspberries and strawberries.

East Indian Cherry

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Your plants are infested by aphids † Look no further, the nasturtiums are the bodyguard you need. Particularly prized by these hungry little critters, it will surely attract them and thus protect your other plantations. A perk: If the aphids haven’t eaten all of your nasturtiums yet, you can even enjoy them in the kitchen by tasting their peppery-tasting flowers or leaves.

His best friends: beets, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, pumpkins, cabbage…

the cosmos

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Thanks to its beautiful flowers, the cosmos attracts pollinators† From its tall stem, it ripples with the wind, confusing the path of other insects. In addition, the cosmos has an extensive root system, ideal for loosen compact soil.

His best friends: cabbage, tomatoes…


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Nematodes, small parasitic worms, love tomato roots and potato stalks. Consider marigolds to avoid attacking them, which will dry out your plants’ stems and leaves. Belonging to the marigold family, this flower has the peculiarity of: release harmful substances for soil insects and nematodes via the roots. An unstoppable natural insecticide!

His best friends: tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cabbage, asparagus, potatoes…


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Besides being edible, borage attracts bees and bumblebees like nobody. Something to boost your vegetable garden and biodiversity. Borage is not only one of the favorite foods of pollinators, but also has the huge benefit of: chase away snails† So why deprive yourself of it?

His best friends: potatoes, courgettes, cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers…


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yarrow flowers attract not only pollinators, but also other beneficial insects such as ladybugs or the terrifying hoverflies whose larvae devour aphids. In addition, the pungent odor it emanates will tend to repels so-called crop pests

His best friends: spinach, chard, cabbage, salad…

All you have to do is choose the right flowers for your vegetables and fruits in the vegetable garden. And if this article inspired you, know that well-used pepper can repel pests and protect your vegetable garden

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