Vegetable garden: the 4 best natural fertilizers to stimulate the growth of your tomatoes

Do you want to increase the yield of your tomatoes? To stimulate the growth of your fruit, there is nothing better than natural fertilizers. Here is a selection of the 4 best homemade substrates.

nettle manure

Did you know that nettle manure really works wonders in the garden? It is a natural and formidable insecticide for your tomatoes, an effective powdery mildew remedy and an excellent homemade fertilizer. And it is not for nothing that it is rich in nitrogen and promotes plant development. To prepare the mixture, mix 1 kg of chopped nettle with 10 liters of rainwater in a bucket, then place the mixture in the shade for about ten days and stir every two days. All that remains is to filter and spray every three weeks, from mid-June to the end of July.

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Comfrey fertilizer

Here is another effective fertilizer to promote plant growth and: stimulate flowering and fruiting tomatoes: comfrey. This hardy perennial has small, colorful flowers that attract pollinating insects. To prepare the mixture, mix 1 kg of comfrey root with 10 liters of rainwater in a bucket. Then follow the same steps as for nettle fertilizer.

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wood ash

You may not know it, but wood ash can be used as a fertilizer to stimulate plant growth. It contains valuable nutrients: up to 9% potassium, 14% silica, 4% magnesium and 2% phosphorus. You can sprinkle wood ash at the feet of your plants to promote flowering and fruiting. In addition, it keeps certain undesirables away from the vegetable garden. Be careful, never pick ash from the combustion of treated, painted and varnished wood.

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Like wood ash, eggshells promote plant growth especially tomatoes. And it is not without reason that they are rich in calcium. You can use it preventively or treat a diseased plant. In addition, they also keep pests such as snails and snails at a distance. A great way to recycle your waste!

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From now on you have no more reason to use fertilizer! Did you like this article? Here are 7 homemade natural fertilizers to self-fertilize your plants and to go further, discover all our practical articles on growing tomatoes.

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