Vegetable garden in squares: which gardening tools?

Growing fruits and vegetables in squares is an ideal technique for novice gardeners. Easy to maintain, fast and bountiful harvests, the joy of seeing what has been sown and planted… There are many reasons to use this method. You want to get started, but don’t have the equipment to start your crops? Do not panic. We explain everything in this practical article.

With the vegetable garden in squares, there is no need to invest in high-performance tools or tools that run on fossil fuels. Instead, bet on second-hand, second-hand, or other tools made from durable materials that can stand the test of time.

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watering cans

The mulching method, which is very popular with fruits and vegetables grown in squares, allows you to divide your waterings. But it is still necessary to equip yourself to bring water to the plantations that need it.

Choose this a classic watering can of about 10 liters and a sprayed watering can for the smallest and most vulnerable plants. For the tightest budgets or recycling enthusiasts, you can also turn a water bottle into a small watering can. To do this, you just need to drill a few holes in the cap. A tip from our colleagues from Veìr Magazine


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Tools to work the land

a cord : you need it to draw your squares in nice straight lines.

a claw : gently scraping the earth between two different cultures. A fork or spit will also work perfectly.

A little kick : you need it to pick vegetables from the ground or to plant holes to transplant your plants.

A small planter : It is useful for transplanting your seedlings or seedlings purchased from a garden center or nursery.

a towel : Allows you to dig furrows and remove “weeds” from your crops.

a spray : To keep your seedlings moist, you can simply water them with a spray. A small size should be more than enough for you.

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The tools to always have with you in the garden

A notebook a pen : note the origin of your seedlings, their date, when you transplanted your seedlings on your plots, the diseases that affected your crops and the size of your harvests. Tracking your efforts is important for better gardening in subsequent seasons.

A pocket knife or small pruning shears : you no longer have to pick, prune or shorten your plants. Do not forget to disinfect your knife or your sector, at the risk of transmitting diseases from plant to plant.

A pair of gloves : to avoid the risk of cutting or puncturing, do not forget a pair of thin gloves.

From raffia : this string is essential for the daily maintenance of your crops. This allows you to draw your squares, to prevent certain leaves from spreading on the neighbors or to stake out plants.

Also remember that the most essential tools in your square vegetable garden are: your hands and your eyes. Without them, you won’t be able to see cabbage leaves spreading to their neighbors or aphids colonizing some of your plants.

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