Vegetable garden: a simple and effective trick so that your tomatoes never run out of water

How do you prevent your tomatoes from running out of water? It’s not easy to have the answer unless you’re a gardener. However, there is a simple, quick and accessible tip for all green hands (even those just starting out)! So make way for discovery.

For starters, it’s important to keep in mind that the best water for watering your plants is simply rain. In addition, here are 7 economical and ecological tips for reusing rainwater at home and in the garden. In addition, keep in mind that in order to have beautiful tomatoes, it is advisable to water every 2-3 days in summer (about 1 liter of water per plant of tomatoes), or even more often in times of drought or in warm regions.

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Do your tomatoes need water?

Trust the tomato leaves. Indeed, as long as they don’t wilt, turn yellow or dry out, that’s a sign of good health. On the contrary, it is not uncommon for the leaves to curl up under the influence of heat, disease, or too much or too little water.

To avoid this famous curling of tomato leaves, you can install drip irrigation (or micro-irrigation). Objective ? Take a measured amount of water with you. In addition to preferring regular watering, you will save a lot of water. The big box sells all kinds of programmable devices, but if you’re a bit of a DIYer, you can also make your own. Go here to discover this trick.

Note that if your tomatoes are infested with a disease (like mildew), this effective but not magic trick won’t save them…

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Moving on, here are 6 good practices for saving water in the vegetable garden.

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