Vegetable garden: 9 vegetables that need (almost) no water to grow

Every year, water restrictions associated with high temperatures wreak havoc on our vegetable garden. But did you know that some vegetables hardly need this precious resource to grow? Here is the list of plants that tolerate drought.

Garlic, shallot and onion

Good news for gardeners and novice gardeners: garlic, shallot or even onion are easy to grow and require little maintenance! There is no need to water them every day, especially since these vegetable plants afraid of humidity. Be content with a simple watering in times of drought.

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Do you know orach or Atriplex hortensis † This hardy plant, which is very resistant to heat, is eaten like spinach. As for irrigation, a little water in the summer and a good mulch is more than enough.

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It’s the queen of summer (along with the tomato), of course we mean beetroot. Although it is a demanding plant (must be planted in the sun and in soil rich in organic matter), it needs no other maintenance. like you mulch the plantyou don’t need to water it except in case of drought.

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Crosne from Japan

The crosne of Japan or Stachys affinisis not not water intensive† It is enough to water it in case of severe drought and to put your feet on the ground in summer, as with potatoes. That’s it, all that’s left is to monitor the growth of this little white vegetable.

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Here’s another low-maintenance root vegetable. Close to Jerusalem artichoke, helianthi or helianthus strumosus only needs waterin hot weathersuch as during prolonged heat waves.

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No, rhubarb is not a fruit but a vegetable. The good news is that it is undemanding and has just need a good dose of humus Push. In periods of heat or drought, water generously, that’s all.

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Jerusalem Artichoke

Advice to green hands: Jerusalem artichoke thrives in dry soil and poor. So it is not necessary to water regularly (only when the soil is dry or in very hot weather). This ancient vegetable is easy to care for and perfect for beginners!

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