Var: two friends develop an ecological solution that converts seawater into drinking water

Today more than 780 million people in the world do not have access to drinking water. France is not spared: 2.1% of the population has no access to safe drinking water. With climate change, this reality is accentuated even more. Faced with these challenges, two friends have developed an ingenious solution inspired by nature: using solar energy, this device distills seawater to make it drinkable.

Thalassa: seawater converted into drinking water

Is it possible to convert seawater into drinking water? In the Var, these two friends invented a system that makes it possible to distil unsuitable water thanks to the sun. ☀️ A Thalassa program fully available on ►

Posted by France tv nature on Monday 9 May 2022

Pierre and Thierry are two friends who live in the Var. Together they created Heliowater, a device intended to provide drinking water to those who need it.

France Nature TV dedicated a report to them: the idea is simple, inspired by nature. Using solar energy and the principle of distillation, Heliowater reproduces the water cycle. The spherical device, which consists of a solar panel and a mirror, ensures that water that is unfit for consumption evaporates. The solid residues remain in the system, while the pure water condenses along the wall of the sphere. This drinking water is recovered in a tank, making 10 to 20 liters of water available per day.

Many countries are already interested in this autonomous tool: it would meet the water needs of five people a day and could be particularly suitable for refugee camps or coastal residents.

Heliowater, a drop in the ocean of world thirst? The future will tell

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