Val-d’Oise: A couple opens the first vegan dessert bar in France

For Lavoisier as well as for Émilie and Julien, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This couple of entrepreneurs just opened the first vegan dessert bar in France, called “Infiniment Bière”, in Enghien-les-Bains (Val-d’Oise). Why this name? Simply because the vegan pastries and desserts on offer there were made from beer brewing waste.

Ecological, gastronomic and pastry included

In 2017, the couple had already opened Terrabière, the first zero-waste microbrewery in the Montmorency Valley. “Our ecological approach has prompted us to think about recycling beer brewer waste. This is where the plant-based confectionery project originated using spent grains (brewing residues of nutrient-rich barley)”explain the co-founders, whose store officially opened on March 15, 2022.

Their 100% vegan cakes also aim to be inclusive and accessible to all types of customers, whether they are allergic or intolerant to lactose or gluten. In addition, the recipes are prepared with raw materials that are exclusively of organic origin. “We prefer raw products without processing, local and seasonal” specify Emilie and Julien. And if their approach is ecological and waste-free, these enthusiasts don’t forget about gluttony! In addition to pastries, Infiniment Bière also offers “pastry shops”, made to combine with desserts.

A fundraising campaign to develop the project

To further develop their concept, Émilie and Julien launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Blue Bees platform, which specializes in agroecology and responsible food projects. This expires on Friday 1 April and is intended to enable entrepreneurs to purchase professional pastry equipment.

“Thanks to you, we can buy a rolling machine, among other things, to make more pie shells”, the two founders of Infiniment Bière have already welcomed their Facebook page. Next objective: to reach 7,000 euros to equip the store with a beer tap.

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