United Kingdom: operator Vodafone to equip Ukrainian refugees with telephones and SIM cards

Vodafone gets involved in the war in Ukraine. The British telecommunications group has announced that it will offer a communications service to 200,000 refugees from Ukraine, reports Evening Standard† A way to keep these men, women and children in exile in touch with their loved ones, but also to receive help and psychological support.

Specifically, requests for free access to the mobile operator must be submitted by humanitarian organizations. After that, they will receive SIM cards with 20 GB of free data every month for six months. International calling and texting are also included in Vodafone’s offer.

To help people in exile, the mobile operator also has a “technical appeal” to the UK public to encourage individuals to donate their old smartphones, tablets or laptops. Vodafone has also pledged to donate at least 3,000 mobile phones connected to their network, as well as 1,000 portable batteries. The whole corresponds to 1 million pounds in donations, or about 1.20 million euros.

The British group’s initiative is being deployed across Europe. In a press release, Vodafone announces the list of countries where it will soon be possible to get free telephones and SIM cards: in Ukraine of course, but also in Romania, the Czech Republic and Germany. A great support in these difficult times.

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