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Ukraine: French textile industry mobilizes to clothe refugee men, women and children

To compensate for the lack of clothing and hygiene products caused by the war in Ukraine, the Façon de Faire association mobilizes the textile and clothing sector to provide the population and refugees with clothes, shoes and underwear, sheets, towels and other textile products. About fifty companies have already committed to sending more than 35,000 clothing and hygiene products to Ukraine.

The association Façon de Faire (FDF), formerly Savoir Faire Ensemble (SFE), created at the beginning of the health crisis to coordinate the actions of the textile and fashion sector (supply of masks and blouses), now organizes the efforts of the same sector to respond to another emergency: the war in Ukraine. Whether it’s the population who stayed behind to defend their freedom, or those who were forced to flee their country, all of them hastily left their lives with the necessities of life, leaving behind most of their personal belongings, including their clothes.

This joint action (in connection with the Strategic Committee of the Fashion & Luxury sector, the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE) and manufacturers with branches in Ukraine) has as main objective to provide the population and refugees with clothing, textiles and hygiene products. According to the UN, more than a million Ukrainians have already left their country, indicating a large influx of refugees to Europe and especially to France in the coming days and weeks.specifies the association that evokes an action that “fits on time”

The action is carried out in collaboration with the Agence du Don en Nature (ADN) association, which manages the entire supply chain and ensures the correct use of donations. The action takes place in several phases. The first step is to identify the products that can be donated, then validate them, receive them and redistribute them through DNA to its partner associations committed to supporting the Ukrainian people, including the Salvation Army. , France Terre D’Asile, and Emmaus Solidarité.

Shoes and underwear, mainly for women and children, and clothing for adults and children, are among the most popular clothing products, as are household linen (sheets, duvets, towels, mattress covers), childcare items (diapers, wipes, infant formula, washing gel) and hygiene products. The association asks for neutral shapes and colors to be preferred, specifying that: “fine lingerie, shoes with heels, [et] non-standard products are not accepted”

More than 50 companies are participating in the operation so far with commitments committed to pmore than 130,000 products. Industry actors wishing to join this action are requested to complete the form provided by the association. Note that individuals can also make donations directly to dedicated organizations.

(ETX Daily Up)

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