Two two-year-old children escape from nursery on motorbike

An unexpected encounter for this passerby from Almeria, Spain: two boys in the middle of a motorcycle race. Perched on their racing car, they were left to fend for themselves in the city.

Photo: Shutterstock

Last Monday, two two-year-old children ran away from their daycare. Visibly preoccupied with the motorcycle race on wheels they were engaged in, they passed through the door of the establishment which had been accidentally left open. the independent tells us they were found 300 meters away by a passerby: confronted with this unusual scene, she immediately called the police.

According to the EFE agency, quoted by the radio Padlock Ser, An investigation has been opened. A change of personnel on this Easter Monday would have led to disruptions, which would benefit the escape of the two toddlers. The parents, aware that the situation could have been more serious, are considering legal action.

For some, the thirst for freedom comes very early!

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