Twitter wants to rely on audio to make its application accessible to the visually impaired

Twitter wants to make its application more accessible for people with disabilities. How ? By relying on audio. This time, the social network is deploying a new tool to describe paintings in audio.

As sound becomes more important on social networks, Twitter continues to develop audio tools to improve its platform and reach more users. Like LinkedIn, the social network has deployed a new tool to help people with disabilities. Designed for the visually impaired, this feature translates tabular data into audio and provides access to both audio and written description.

For now, the tool has only been launched as a test and of course only in English. Twitter has not indicated whether this test could be rolled out more widely. The platform has developed several tools to improve its use among Internet users with disabilities, such as the launch of automatic captions for videos and for voice tweets, or even an improvement to add alternative text to published images.

Twitter has also not forgotten its “Spaces” format, audio forums that are increasingly taking on the appearance of podcasts.

(ETX Daily Up)

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