Twitter is launched on the dark web network to provide Russian internet users with better anonymity

Twitter launches its platform on the TOR computer network, which makes it possible to anonymize its location and its activity on the web. This launch is because the Russian Internet regulator Roskomnadzor has only limited access to the social network in Russia.

To provide better privacy protections and combat censorship, Twitter is launching TOR on the dark web network. The particularity of this network is to offer these users more anonymity than the traditional Internet thanks to a system of nodes that prevents anyone from linking your searches or your history to your identity.

In short, it is an essential tool to combat censorship and ensure that you can remain anonymous during an email or forum exchange. Facebook has been on the network for a few years and even newspapers like the New York Times

The goal of Twitter seems obvious: to allow Russian citizens to continue to use their network freely. Indeed, the Russian government has just restricted access to many social networks it accuses of discriminating against the Russian media. The promulgation of a law imposing up to 15 years in prison for the authors of “false information” works just as well on the street as it does on social networks.

This is arguably the most important and highly anticipated tweet I’ve ever composed.

On behalf of @TwitterI’m excited to announce their new one @TorProject onion service, at:

—Alec Muffett (@AlecMuffett) March 8, 2022

From that point on, the TOR network becomes a formidable resource as the risk of being traced is close to zero. In addition, the use of a VPN is strongly recommended to guarantee your confidentiality and to be able to use certain services. It is possible to access it through a particular browser such as TOR Browser.

Unlike traditional internet browsing, you must have the exact address of a site to access it. No research is possible and the sites must be found either through knowledge or through index pages.

(ETX Daily Up)

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