Traceability, sustainability, relocation: opt for committed fashion with JULES & JENN

What if fashion players opted for more transparency about their products? After seeing the consequences of the fast fashion, Julien and Jennifer Maumont founded JULES & JENN, a timeless and responsible fashion brand. Their goal ? End overconsumption and the lack of information about the manufacturing conditions of shoes, bags and other accessories. For example, for each of their products, the couple indicates the origin of the materials, the exact place of manufacture, photos of the manufacturing workshop and details of the manufacturing costs. In short, everything you need to make an informed choice. Light on this committed project!

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Julien and Jennifer, co-founders of JULES & JENN, a couple since school… After many years working in London, then in Paris in large groups in the energy and luxury sector, then in the field of fast fashionwe made a 180 turn towards the slow modechoose the transparency, traceability and sustainabilityby committing to a more virtuous fashion for the planet.

Photo: © JULES & JENN

Can you introduce us to JULES & JENN?

In 2016, when responsible fashion was still in its infancy, we decided to take on three major challenges: make it accessible to as many people as possible the quality of French and European customization, move the leather sector to France and let it rhyme durability and desirability

Five years later, we remain the slow mode, with respect for the men and women who make it (the craftsmen) but also for those who consume it, while limiting our impact on the environment. We offer: models to keep during the seasonsbecause above all we find timelessness, creating pieces that are durable, through their quality and through their style.

Why not make a sale of your products?

We often get the question why we don’t have a sale. And the reason is simple: we want the French and European know-how † Contrary to traditional customs in the fashion industry, we use a reasonable margin. Our price is valid from January 1 to December 31. Without margin for extravagant promotions, our price reflects the real value of the product.

Moreover, we do not want to encourage overconsumption, but encourage our customers to consciously buy less but better. As a result, instead of total sales, we offer Solidarity Sales : by purchasing one of the “last pieces” of a model, our customers contribute directly to the financing of the Mode Esteem association, a workshop in Seine-Saint-Denis that employs and trains the unemployed and/or with disabilities in the trade of textile production. In concrete terms, the customer normally pays for his purchase, always at the same price, and we donate 30% of the amount to the workshop.

Photo: © Karoll Petit for JULES & JENN

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

First, because we have seen with our own eyes the irreparable excesses of the fast fashion† Then in 2015, we did a year-long world tour with the family, which was a real trigger. Out of this journey arose a desire, as proof, to create another fashion brand, advocating moderate and more reasonable consumption. On our return we changed our lives, put our suitcases in Barcelona to spend a meaningful projectfor us and for future generations.

What message do you want to convey through JULES & JENN?

We want to prove that opacity in the fashion world is not inevitable. In addition to the detailed description of each product, we show that traceability is not a myth: we strive systematically with our customers to determine the type and the origin of the materials, the exact place of manufacture, the photos of the manufacturing workshop and the details of the manufacturing costs and selling price!

You’re looking for sustainable shoes and accessories † Visit the JULES & JENN website to discover all of their products committed to a responsible and traceable fashion

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