To support his colleagues in need, a breeder created the Samu social agricole

Suicide, attempts, burnout or illness… The mental health of French farmers is far from in order. Faced with increasingly precarious working conditions and the growing loneliness of this undervalued profession, the National Agricultural Social Samu (SSAN) seeks to alleviate the ills of those living through complicated times.

Michel Bini, co-founder of this association and 62-year-old cattle farmer, does not hesitate to go out and help his colleagues in difficulty, he told AFP. He himself attempted suicide two decades ago. For him, “it is a just return, working for all the needy”reports Sustainable information

But the breeder not only supports and guides the 500 people who have joined the association. He opposes industrialists such as the “model of cathedral farms, especially in Brittany” but also to the major agri-food groups and most agricultural unions, such as the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA). What does Michel Bini accuse them of? “They tolerate being fed on the global market”he told AFP.

A listening song

To help this profession, other initiatives exist: for example, the MSA (Mutualité Sociale Agricole) has launched a communication campaign on suicide among farmers and Agri Listen, a listening number (09.69 .39.39.19) available 24 hours a day, 7 days. weekly.

For its part, the government unveiled a roadmap last November for: “Preventing malaise and supporting farmers in difficulty”hoping, reports The world to curb suicides in this profession.

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