To soothe hospitalized babies, this playpen reproduces their parents’ voice and smell

It can happen that a baby is rushed to the hospital after a problem at the nursery or with the babysitter. An ordeal for the young patient and his parents who are separated during the journey. So to make this moment less scary, the Moselle firefighters have adopted a playful box that warms the hearts of children (and adults).

For almost two years now, the firefighters of the Moselle, in the Grand Est, have been equipped with an innovative device intended for families. His name: CaliNange. This small box, made by the Calinescence company, reproduces the voice, smell and heartbeat of the parents of hospitalized children.

Objectively ? Soothe the baby during his care and transport to the emergency room. This promising and reassuring innovation is intended for babies who are alone at the time of the journey, as well as for premature babies or those who have to undergo a long hospital stay.

#Innovation | Testing since August 2020 in the operational units of Montigny-lès-Metz and Thionville,…

Posted by Moselle Firefighters on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

But how does it work in concrete terms? Parents are encouraged to place the device on their chest so that it can record their heartbeat, voice and body odor. Then the emergency services just have to install CaliNange very close to the babies.

This heart is like a blanket for children, who are reassured when their parents unfortunately cannot accompany them to the hospital. Transport is much quieter

Julie Kaufholtz, nurse and health manager with the Moselle firefighters, quoted by France Blue

But the firefighters of the Moselle are not the only ones to be seduced by this heart. One hundred French hospitals have also taken over. In addition, CaliNange is preparing to be sent to many departmental fire and rescue services (SDIS) so that all young patients can benefit.

A success that gives the start-up Calinescence new ideas. Today she thinks about all kinds of variations aimed at calming teenagers with disorders (anxiety, depressed, addictive, etc.) as well as elderly people with dementia.

A wonderful concept that deserves to be extended to all of France.

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