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To keep mosquitoes away, adopt this geranium as beautiful as it is precious

If mosquitoes delight many birds, for us humans, their presence by our side is far from a cinch. Fortunately, there are simple and natural methods that we can use to ward them off. Example with this trick for the less original and aesthetic: the fragrant geranium.

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Also called Pelargonium, scented geranium differs from its cousin in the scent it gives off. As indeed the garden blog of the newspaper indicates The worldthis plant is accompanied “always delicious smells as soon as the leaf is touched or under the influence of the sun or rain.”

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Some Pelargoniums smell like rose, others like coconut or even chocolate. But the variety that interests us most here is the one that smells like lemon. Mosquitoes dislike this smell, they refuse to go to it and prefer to get away from it.

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To take advantage of this plant, it is best to place it on your balcony, on a windowsill or at your garden table. This keeps mosquitoes away from your legs and arms.

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To continue, the site Consoglobe even recommends rubbing leaves of this geranium on the parts of its body exposed to possible mosquito bites “during the day or, even better, for example before going out to dinner or going to bed.”

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Be careful: the Pelargonium is a fragile plant that is afraid of frost and strong wind gusts. It is therefore best to grow it in pots and place it away from drafts.

Combine the beautiful with the useful? Why deprive yourself of it!

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