To build this comfortable house, these two friends spent 12,000 euros

Need a breath of fresh air? Here’s a wonderful project that will make you want to go elsewhere. To reconnect with nature, two German friends built a house in the forest for less than 15,000 euros. Inspirational, isn’t it?

Today, the cost of building a house continues to rise. And it is not without reason that the prices of wood, steel and other materials are constantly rising. Confronted with this observation, more and more French people are opting for cheaper alternatives, such as self-build. If this is your case, Jonas Becker and Timm Bergmann’s project should inspire you.

In 2012, these two German architecture and urban planning students decided to build their dream home on the land of Timm’s grandparents. An idyllic spot in the middle of the Finnish forest, near a lake. Only problem, they only have 12,000 euros to finish their project.

A comfortable cabin

With this small envelope, the two friends started the adventure of self-construction. And finally, after three summers, they managed to build a beautiful building of 26 m2 with a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a terrace and even a sauna. To access them, they must take a 200-meter wooden walkway, located in the middle of the trees:

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“We have processed the wood to the maximum for many reasons. It is sustainable, locally produced, cheap, easy to process, sustainable, environmentally friendly and provides pleasant living comfort.”

Timm Bergmann, quoted by 6.39 pm

These are the different construction phases:

KöpfemitNägelnGmbh – 70 meters to go.

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we successfully passed our first building inspection. ready to build our skyscraper.

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welcome frame no.11 and 12.

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We are expanding our building because we realized it was too minimalist. Johnny Rainbow Jonas Liszt Niklas Haja

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photo: Andre Boettcher Photography

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summer time

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winter is coming, but the temperature is Andre Boettcher Photography

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bedroom photo: Andre Boettcher Photography

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Twice a year Timm and Jonas visit their holiday home. Since this enriching experience, the two friends have established their architectural practice in Germany. Her name ? Politician. Today, they therefore share their know-how with everyone who, like them, dreams of an economical, ecological and comfortable home.

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