This site, created by Ukraine, helps Russian families locate fallen or captured soldiers

They are sons, brothers, fathers, friends and were sent to the front by Vladimir Putin on Thursday, February 24. On the other hand, their relatives are helpless and worried because they have no news. To help them overcome this ordeal, Ukraine has just launched a site listing Russian soldiers captured or killed in combat.

Since the beginning of the military invasion of Ukraine, the Russian people have been faced with the lies, deceit and lack of information of Putin’s government. As a result, the Russians know that military operations are taking place in the neighboring country, but few are really aware of the magnitude of the situation. The same goes for the families of the soldiers sent to the front.

So to help them identify and locate their frontline relatives, Ukraine has launched a census site called 200rf.comas explained by Viktor Androussiv, adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, quoted by RFIA“I know that many Russians are concerned about how and where their children, their sons, their husbands are and what is happening to them. †

Named after the code used for men killed during the war, this online platform contains photos of passports, documents belonging to Russian soldiers and even videos of hostages. Because if Russia has recognized losses people, it is not yet known how many people have died. Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, has just confirmed that its army has killed more than 4,300 Russian soldiers and captured nearly 200 prisoners.

A valuable tool to inform families and counteract Russian silence.

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