This online sales platform promotes Ukrainian fashion all over the world

With the e-commerce platform Angel for Fashion, Jen Sidary wants to support the Ukrainian fashion industry and make it known to all corners of the world. No less than thirty designers and houses are in the spotlight today, with the opportunity to discover each of their collections and buy some of their most emblematic pieces. A way to mobilize the world’s population, and allow players in the sector to prosper despite the Russian invasion.

Despite the war that has raged on their territory since February 2022, many Ukrainian fashion designers continue their activities today, either through their own collections or by supporting those who have pledged to defend their country. In order to make the entire Ukrainian fashion industry shine in the world, entrepreneur Jen Sidary has chosen to bring together a large number of Ukrainian designers on one platform, Angel for Fashion.

The idea is to honor each of these thirty fashion designers, showcase their work and allow as many people as possible to take pieces from their collections, with eclectic inspirations. The platform will eventually be accessible anywhere in the world, with two exceptions: Russia and Belarus, The New York Times revealed. Not content with offering their products to every corner of the globe, the platform is dedicated to telling some of the most inspiring stories.

“Angel for Fashion is a place where you can discover, buy and personally support the Ukrainian fashion industry. Here you will find new content and styles as you discover the creations of each great brand. You get to know each creator and develop a personal emotional connection with their work. Many of you have seen the courage and strength of the Ukrainian people, who resist and defend their values. We are here to introduce you to another amazing power of Ukraine: the phenomenal fashion industry”says Jen Sidary, founder of the platform.

There are currently hundreds of items available, from ready-to-wear for men to ready-to-wear for women, including a whole range of accessories: bags, jewelry, scarves, masks, all kinds of shoes and even luggage storage. Riot Division, Bobkova, Samokish, Kofta Studio or even Elena Reva are among the houses and creators present on the platform. However, please note that some items may not ship immediately due to war related issues.

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