This is why you shouldn’t eat too much fruit in the summer

Apricot smoothie, tomato lettuce salad, bell pepper gazpacho, cucumber sticks and strawberries for dessert… In summer the menus are often lighter. We like to taste fruits and vegetables full of water and flavors to eat while hydrating as much as possible. But beware, some people tend to bet everything on fruit. A reflex that is not as healthy as one might think. Indeed, despite their vitamin and nutritional content, fruits should be consumed in moderation.

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Why limit your fruit intake in the summer?

“Fruits are certainly full of water, but tasting them to quench your thirst is not a good idea because it maintains the confusion between thirst and hunger”warns Nathalie Négro, head of a nutrition center in Savoie, in the columns of the Parisian

Another problem: fructose. According to the specialist, this natural sugar “no problem with moderate intake”† Consumed in higher doses, however, fructose is not good for health, mainly because it “tends to raise blood triglycerides and increase belly fat, leading to an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease”still details daily Nathalie Négro.

Finally, last point: Eating too much fruit can cause bloating and diarrhea. In question ? polyols, “carbohydrates that are not – or very little – broken down by digestive enzymes and reach the large intestine intact”

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How to eat in the summer?

However, as you will have understood, it is necessary to limit its consumption if it is important to eat fruits. Nathalie Négro recommends eating “no more than three servings” a day. We will add local fruits, in season and from organic farming if possible.

Also, don’t forget to add vegetables to your menus to replenish your fiber and hydrate yourself regularly, especially during periods of high heat.

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