This is why you shouldn’t defrost your food in the open air

Are you used to defrosting your meat, fish, vegetables and cooked meals in the open air? Well, know it’s a false good idea. We explain why and which alternatives you can use for your health.

Can you defrost your food in the open air?

No, it is strongly discouraged. And rightly so, leaving thawed food at room temperature exposes it to bacteria. The reason ? Contrary to popular belief, the cold only stops the spread of bacteria, but doesn’t destroy them (hence the importance of cooking food quickly once it’s out of the fridge). As a result, those still alive tend to rise once the temperature warms…

So thaw your food in the refrigerator to avoid food poisoning. Your steak, salmon, ratatouille, vegetable gratin stays cool, preventing harmful bacteria from multiplying at high speed.

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Can you defrost food in the microwave?

Yes, and good news, it’s even recommended if you don’t have time to thaw your food in the fridge. Indeed, the defrosting speed of this device limits the spread of bacteria. However, do not postpone the preparation of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables to avoid the development of micro-organisms that are harmful to health.

Now you know what to do when defrosting your food. Did you like this article? This is why you shouldn’t keep eggs in the fridge door?

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