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This is how you grow a date palm from a pit in 4 simple steps

What could be more fascinating than the miraculous cycle of nature that turns the stone from a fruit into a plant, the plant into a tree, and the tree into a fruit again? If nature has not waited for us to perpetuate this glorious virtuous circle, nothing prevents you from imitating it at home with any stone. Because if it is known that you can sprout an avocado pit, other more surprising fruits are just waiting for your hands to extend their life expectancy. This is especially the case with the date, which lends itself very well to germination. Here are the step-by-step steps to take to grow a fantastic date palm at home.

Collect the date seeds

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The first step is probably the simplest: all you need to do is taste delicious dates and save the seeds. The key is to choose your dates well to have the best chance of seeing their seeds germinate. Choose dates from organic farming and pay attention to the chosen processing method. Indeed, some overly aggressive drying methods tend to kill the pit, so it is better to opt for sun-dried dates or better, fresh dates.

Germinate the grains

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Date stones need moisture and heat to germinate. Place them in a glass of warm water. Remember to change the water every three days to prevent the development of bacteria that can kill the core. Install your glass near a heat source (radiator or window). The plant needs temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees to make its first root.

Plant the date seeds

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Have your cores finally woken up and revealed their tiny roots? Wait for them to develop before planting them in pots. The root should be about two centimeters in size so that planting can take place under the best conditions. Then choose a pot that is deeper than it is wide, filled with clay or gravel and a moist, light substrate, such as a substrate for cacti or succulents. Plant your finger in the ground (about two phalanges) and plant your rocks there, root down. Place them about four inches apart. Cover with soil, without packing so as not to damage the roots. Water and you’re done!


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The promise of a beautiful date palm in bloom in your living room or on your terrace is already making you dream? Be patient, this strain takes a very long time to develop. Before the trunk forms, however, you can still take advantage of beautiful green sheaves to decorate your interior. And then, in gardening, you know, it’s not the result that counts, but the way to get there! And what could be better than seeing beautiful green leaves emerging from what was once just a kernel of dried fruit?

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