This ecological and sustainable home of 27 m2 can be placed in one day

Are you tempted by a functional and design house that can be assembled in less than 24 hours? The Russian architectural firm BIO-architects has designed TOPOL 27, a small 27 m2 prefab house that can be installed the same day of purchase. Light, comfortable and durable, this home is made from eco-friendly materials and comes furnished.

The goal of BIO-architects was to create a house that the buyer “could take out of the warehouse, install itself on the day of purchase and put into use immediately, without wasting time on the finishing touches”, we can read on the site of the Russian architectural firm. The house TOPOL 27 fulfills all these objectives. This 27 m2 prefabricated house was designed by the Russian company and will be installed on its foundations in just one day.

Photo: Ivan Ovchinnikov / BIO-architecten

Design, it has a black metallic front and consists of a single module. It houses 5 different spaces: a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a dressing room. This house is already installed in the Kaluga region, in Russia, “used for vacation”, reports the site Deco Planet.

Photo: Ivan Ovchinnikov / BIO-architecten

Photos: Ivan Ovchinnikov / BIO-architecten

The TOPOL 27 is not only practical, but also made of ecological and sustainable materials, between solid wood and steel veneer. It is fully equipped and furnished. It includes, for example, curtains, crockery, cutlery, household appliances, outdoor and indoor lamps and the outdoor patio. The metal and wood exterior blends unobtrusively into any environment that you can admire thanks to the large glass surfaces.

Photo: Ivan Ovchinnikov / BIO-architecten

For now, this house is only sold in Russia. It is being marketed by DublDom for a price of $45,000 (about €42,000) with no shipping charges. A sustainable and functional living solution that you dream of.

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