This dedicated marketplace only lists upcycled or recycled products

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. To conserve the planet’s resources, more and more consumers are turning to more responsible consumption. Second-hand, recycling or upcycling has developed considerably in recent years. But for those who want to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, the search for ecological products is sometimes an obstacle course. To simplify their task, a new platform has just been created: Rouspette. Presentation.

Photos: Rouspette

It is high time to change our consumption pattern. In France, 10 million tons of food waste, or 1/3 of the food produced, goes to the trash every year. And the textile sector isn’t doing much better. In Europe, almost 4 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year. No wonder if we know that we buy 60% more clothes today than 20 years ago, and that we keep them for half as long.

While eco-responsible consumption is gaining ground with a particular pull for zero-waste products (reusable bags, washable makeup remover pads, jars, etc.), upcycling remains underexposed in major retail chains and e-commerce sites. trade.

Upcycling is ‘upcycling’. A concept that consists of creating something new from raw materials that are meant to be thrown away. In other words, turning something old into something new, making it possible to limit the production of new materials by drawing on existing stocks. Common sense.

Grinning for the planet

A new online supermarket was launched in September 2021 to promote these products from the circular economy and to help the French consume better. The name? rouspette. Anaïs and Léa, the two founders, explain with humor:

The planet is bad, but she can’t complain or say anything. So we decided to grumble in his favor! Yeah, we know, we don’t really like those who grumble in general, but if it’s for a good cause, that changes everything, doesn’t it?

The marketplace currently lists nearly 500 everyday products from around sixty French designers. Products have been selected by the two founders, for the kitchen, the bathroom, for young and old gourmets, but also fashion and leather goods.

Thus we discover products such as chocolate biscuits made from unsold bread, shopping bags made from coffee bag jute, lamps made from old bakelite telephones, copper jewelry and in recycled silver… Each product carries different labels to guide buyers: 100% upcycled, 100% recycled, vegan, made in France, made in Europe, unique piece etc…

Would you like to know more about this new circular supermarket? Go to the Rouspette website here.

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