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This “Carbon Tinder” Wants to Help Businesses Go Low-Carbon

How to replace the gas boiler in the bakery with a biomass boiler? Or recover and recover the heat from the foundry furnace? On Thursday, June 16, a platform was launched in France to connect companies, a kind of “Carbon Tinder”.

The platform, called “I decarbonize”, aims to enable companies to find solutions to reduce their CO2 emissions or their energy consumption, and those who provide technical solutions to find customers.

On September 7, a first activity report will be prepared at an event in Bercy, where all stakeholders will gather, Sylvie Jehanno, CEO of Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF, and Stéphane Michel, director of renewable gas and electricity activities at TotalEnergies, sponsors of the project.

The project is supported by the sector that manufacturers of “new energy systems”, chaired by Sylvie Jehanno and Stéphane Michel. It is funded by Ademe as part of the France Relance plan.

An “opportunity for French industry”

“The idea is not to reproduce what happened in photovoltaics, where most of the solar panels come from Asia, there will be a lot of decarbonization projects, this is an opportunity for French industry” who is playing a game? “very collective” on this topic by launching this platform, said Dalkia’s CEO.

Solar panel production in Europe is dead due to overpriced, underpriced China and erratic government policies.

“It’s a race to implement solutions that help lower prices and stay in the race for competitiveness” by supporting French or European manufacturers, summed up Aurélie Picart, General Delegate of the Sector’s Strategic Committee.

The site offers three main themes depending on whether a company wants to make something “energy savings”to reduce CO2 emissions by “low-carbon energy or heat”or, if this is not possible, to “capture the emitted CO2” to appreciate it.

Currently, very few companies with needs or solutions to offer have submitted their files there.

Accelerating the energy transition

The company Aztep, based in Pecq in the Yvelines, offers solutions for “high temperature concentrated solar heat” in front of “Take advantage of every hour of sunshine to reduce gas consumption”† Bultane, initially specialized in soldering irons and based in Montpellier, proposes to place small electrolysers directly in a gas boiler to produce hydrogen in the burner.

“The projects must be sufficiently detailed on both sides. We don’t want it to be advertising, there must be a service goal” insisted Stephane Michel. “There will be moderation of the site organized by the sector”, he warned. In particular, solution providers must specify whether their technology is “French origin” or not.

The site is accessible free of charge after registration. There will also be “regional workshops” in collaboration with local authorities.

“We have been working on this project for more than 18 months with the inter-ministerial task force set up by the State (Bercy, Ministry of Energy Transition, Matignon Services, Ademe and the Public Investment Bank)”specified Aurélie Picart who hopes he will act as a “gas pedal” for the energy transition and for industry.

“If the electric car were a net provider of more jobs, we would move towards electric much faster”designates them as a closing guide.


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