This app offers to choose your menu in advance to reduce waste in canteens

Do you want to choose your menu in the canteen not only to meet your preferences, but also to prevent food waste? The Yoc app aims to implement this logic so that collective catering participates in efforts to reduce waste.Â

Why are we talking about it?

When it comes to solving the problem of food waste, we generally raise the issue of our waste at home, but also of the major distribution or even the processes of the supply chains that expel, for example, the famously ugly fruits and vegetables.

We often forget another area where waste is generated: collective catering. According to the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), food waste is estimated to represent between 15 and 20 tons of waste per year for a canteen of 500 diners serving 200 meals. A cost item for the planet, but also for the budget of companies that are estimated to spend between 30,000 and 40,000 euros per year in products. The question also arises in the school environment. For a school of 800 half-boarders, more than 24 tons of food would be thrown away every year.

The solution: an app to order your canteen menu in advance

Choose what you eat in the cafeteria before you sit down to the table to adjust the amounts of raw materials in the kitchen. A logic that the Yoc application aims to implement in support of a crowdfunding campaign, launched on the KissKissBankBank site. Both half-boarders and employees can choose the lunches that suit their diet and adapt them to their allergies or dietary restrictions. They can also rate the dishes, which ultimately guides the chefs in choosing the recipes that will be more successful.

But that is not everything. The module helps its users to become aware of their commitment to this quest for waste reduction. It shows them concretely how their choices contribute to anti-waste. In addition, Yoc makes it possible to collect miam’s points at the end of each service that give access to the remaining dishes.

Developed in Toulouse, the project initially aims to generate 100,000 downloads in the Occitanie region, where more than 150,000 students and 230,000 high school students may be able to choose their canteen menus.Â

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