The Summit of Nomadic Creators, the online event that combines travel, entrepreneurship and creativity

Message to all our readers in search of meaning! Are you in a transition period? Are you looking for yourself or want to launch your pro project? Are you already a creator and like to share experiences? POSITIVR is proud to be associated with the Summit of Nomadic Creators, in particular with the participation of Martin Besson, our Director of Communications and Partnerships, who will host the conference: “How to create a solid professional project with a positive impact”

In a world that needs solutions and a little magic, creatives must equip themselves to develop and communicate their ideas, without boundaries. To help them, The Summit of Nomadic Creators, an event that will take place live for free by February 15 to 22brings together speakers from all over the world.

The world needs creative vision

For graphic designers, illustrators, videographers, motion designers, writers, craftsmen and creatives, living off your activity can be a good life. real challenge in a world of fierce competition. As a result, some choose to give up their calling, or simply not begin.

However, building a creative, meaningful activity is possible and above all desirable. Because creatives committed to the planet will bring surprising answers, imagine the world of tomorrowwill facilitate communication of topics requiring attention.

It is a vision carried by Clem & Mumu from the blog† They imagined the Top of nomadic makers to continue in the process. It is this vision that they have put at the service of their creative agency and their multitude of projects: an educational channel for children about the discovery of the world or even the conversion of a school bus into a training room, a video production and cine bus that exchanges with communities around the planet.

Photo: © Freewheeling Journey

An event to give tools to creatives who want to get started

Since 2018, they have been supporting creative people in realizing their projects and getting started independently. In this way Clem & Mumu help them to build a sustainable and responsible activity.

To continue, they decided to combine more than 25 trainers, professionals, entrepreneurs, nomads, creatives Who is in? more than 20 lives in the form of workshops, practical interviews or conferences.

The goal is to:

  • Create an activity right away positive influence and that makes sense
  • Discover a multitude of creative professions and different forms of nomadism to find the way of life that matches their aspirations,
  • Develop the visibility of freelancers to find real good customers, in accordance with its values,
  • Enter behind the scenes of creatives who live fully from photography, graphics, video, design without devaluing their work,
  • Calmly face the eyes administrative world and understand copyright

Photo: © Freewheeling Journey

For example, you can discover the conference of Margaux Roux, creator of the Nomade Hub and To each his coffee who is interested in the future of work for a conference: “New ways of working to live according to your ambitions”

You can also find: Olivier Schmitt, Alex Vizeo, Jeanne and Ludo from Nomad Path, Éloïse Wagner from 911 lawyers, Christopher Piton, Anastasia de Santis from Podcast Stories, Sav & Ben from GeekTouristique, Antoine Legendre from Freebe, Maïlys Dorn from Atelier HOME , Jérémy Fassio from Mapping Motion, Julia and Julie from I Don’t Think I Feel, Christopher Piton, François Caspar, Founding President of Alliance France Design.

The event is free entry upon registration

And to get access to all replays, speaker bonuses and many other surprises, you can also choose to join the event via the VIP pass. For your information: the VIP pass is discounted early bird rate until 13 February.

So do you want to get inspired? To register, it’s here!

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