The spiky cotula: a beautiful yellow flower that can withstand drought and lack of water

Given the succession of heat waves and other heat waves, keeping a colorful and flowery garden becomes a real headache, especially if you want to use water sparingly. Fortunately, there are solutions. Example with the bushy cotule, a beautiful ground cover that can handle drought with a water supply reduced to almost nothing.

Photo: Wikimedia

The bushy cotula (cotula hispida) consists of small evergreen, delicate green leaves that are joined in summer by beautiful lemon-yellow flower buds. Its peculiarity? It is very resistant to high temperatures.

Photo: Wikimedia

On his blog about gardening The world even insists:

“Its very good drought tolerance and practically zero water requirement make it an interesting plant to install in the garden to adapt to climate change.”

As a mature plant, a spiky cotula can reach 15 cm high and 30 cm wide with flowers of 5 to 8 mm.

Photo: Wikimedia

When to plant the bushy cotula?

The ideal is to work in spring (March to April) or early autumn (September to October).

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Where to plant the bushy cotula?

The ruffled cotula likes the sun and will easily adapt to poor soil, provided the soil is light and well-draining. Do not hesitate to add gravel or a little coarse sand for good drainage. You can plant 6 to 8 plants/m2.

How to maintain it?

The ruffled cotula is a robust plant that requires little maintenance and is not afraid of diseases or pests. However, remember to remove stems and dried flowers at the end of winter.

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