The science is clear: your music taste reveals your personality

It is often said that our taste in music says a lot about who we are. It seems that this adage has now been scientifically proven! A recent study by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Bar Ilan University shows that musical preferences and personality traits are very closely linked. So do you prefer rock, rap or classical?

To reach these conclusions, the researchers surveyed more than 350,000 people in more than 50 countries. They asked them to rank their preferences among 23 music genres and complete a personality test. It turns out that fans of the same music style share common traits, regardless of nationality.

Fan of Ed Sheeran, you are extrovert a priori

Extroverts usually like the same pieces of music, whether they live in France, India or Australia. Are you a fan of Ed Sheeran, and more specifically his single “Shivers”? You are a priori one of the extroverted personalities according to the research. On the other hand, if you prefer “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, you are a very pleasant person to live with. And this, regardless of your age, your level of education or the country where you live.

Researchers have found that extroverted personalities prefer rhythmic music such as electro, dance, rap or Latin melodies. People who are sociable and conscientious appreciate the soft, acoustic melodies in folk and romantic rock more than others. Lovers of jazz, classical music or older rock are generally curious and very open-minded.

Crossing Geographical Boundaries

“We were amazed at how much these patterns between music and personality were reproduced around the world. People can be divided by geography, language and culture, but if an introvert in one part of the world likes the same music as introverts elsewhere, suggests that music can be a very powerful bond, music helps people understand each other and find common ground.”said Dr. David Greenberg, a neuroscientist and one of the authors of the study.

However, researchers have noted that the case of individuals with neurotic disorders is more nuanced. They tend to turn to sad music to express their loneliness, or to more upbeat songs to change their mood. In general, they seem to prefer more intense music styles such as metal, punk rock or classic rock. These would reflect their inner fears and frustrations.

If the human personality is not limited to one main characteristic, this study is a first step towards understanding the biological and cultural factors that influence our musical preferences. It also shows how music can help overcome social divisions. dr. Greenberg is already doing this during mediation workshops, which he organizes in Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians.

(ETX Daily Up)

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