The new life of Yannick Noah, who became village chief in Cameroon

Yannick Noah has not surprised us yet: known for his historic victory at Roland Garros in 1983, he is also famous for his songs, his happy teeth… and his willingness to walk barefoot! If we’ve heard less about him lately, it’s because he’s back in Cameroon: on the death of his father, he became head of the village of Etoudi.

Yannick Noah in Seven to Eight

A family story

In a report of the show TF1 Seven to EightYannick Noah looks back with emotion on his victory at Roland Garros: he had cried” Father ! while the latter leapt onto the field to hug him.

“I wish everyone the chance to cry with joy in their father’s arms. †

Yannick Noah in Seven to Eight

Yannick Noah left at the age of twelve to pursue sports training in France, his mother’s country, and has maintained a very strong connection to his Cameroonian roots, his father’s country.

In order to fulfill the dream of the latter and of his grandparents before him, the former tennis player returned to Cameroon.

Head of the village of Etoud

Etoodi is the village of the Noahs. It has become a district of Cameroon’s political capital, Yaoundé, and has a population of about ten thousand. According to tradition, Yannick Noah, at the age of 62 and having spent most of his life in France, became the head of this village.

“It’s a bit strange for me, because I… I feel very French! †

Yannick Noah in seven to eight

His function? † help if i can », there are problems to manage, grievances. † There is no map Essential there he adds.

He also passes on his passion for tennis to the children he coaches. † I especially have a young girl who plays very, very well, he says, who has extraordinary qualities† “Yannick’s crazy dream, which he shares with the child’s parents, is to see her play in the center stage, at Roland Garros.

Proud of his cross

The richness of Yannick Noah’s career is also due to this crossbreed that he is so proud of: born to a French mother, a Cameroonian father, he also has 5 children from different backgrounds.

“When I was a child (…) I saw myself as the father of a multicolored family. My first two are 50% Swedish, 25% French, 25% Cameroonian, born in the United States… So they’ll be fine with that! †

Yannick Noah in Seven to Eight

So the next generation of Noahs will be completely mixed, the singer continues, before concluding that this is the future of man: ” I want to reassure those who may be concerned: it’s great!

And when we see Yannick’s serene smile, we tell ourselves there’s really nothing to worry about!

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