The more a restaurant offers vegetarian dishes, the more the clientele is seduced

What if the appeal of vegetarian dishes is a matter of diversity? A recent UK study shows that the more vegetarian options there are in the dishes offered in a restaurant, the more consumers will skip meat. Why ? Because ” having more choices can give the impression that these options are desirable and therefore other people choose themsaid the co-author of this study.

The study, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, was conducted among 2,200 British adults in university and corporate canteens. Research found that when three out of four dishes contained meat products, only 12% of consumers chose meatless options. Conversely, if three of the four meals on the menu were vegetarian, 48% chose this option.

The researchers conclude that expanding the range of vegetarian menus may be more effective than restrictive strategies, such as imposing a tax on meat products or imposing “meat-free” days. » in company canteens.

Rachel Pechey, co-author of the study, explained to The Guardian newspaper: “If you only have one vegetarian option on the menu, it can be seen as a vegetarian option. But as you start to have more choices, it can give the idea that these options are desired and that other people choose them.“.

Another recent study, conducted by the non-profit research organization World Resources Institute, came to similar conclusions. Except, in this case, it wasn’t the variety of vegetarian dishes that prompted consumers to eat less meat, but rather messages that urged the need to protect the planet. To read our article on this topic, find it here.

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