The Moncler brand, famous for its high-quality down jackets, renounces fur

Italian Moncler, known for its high-end parkas, announced on Tuesday that it will in turn refrain from using animal fur, as several luxury brands have done before.

“The company will stop sourcing fur this year and the last collection with fur will be autumn/winter 2023”according to a press release.

An approach “consistent with Moncler’s continued commitment to responsible business practices” and “which builds on the brand’s commitment to the Italian animal rights organization LAV, which represents the Fur Free Alliance”depending on the brand.

For several years now, many luxury brands, including giants like Chanel, have turned away from fur.

Last September, the Kering group led by Fran├žois-Henri Pinault announced that all its brands are now abandoning the use of fur: Saint Laurent and Brioni were the last two still using it, while the brands Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen had already given up.

The French fur industry denounced a “marketing stunt” from Moncler, which in the same press release announced the discontinuation of fur and the launch of a new collection based on recycled or organic materials.

The sector also warns against the “pressure from animal organizations” and their methods of “harassment, blackmail, manipulation, real form of tyranny exercised over the garment industry”.

Recently, after abandoning furs, brands like Italy’s Armani have announced that they are also abandoning angora.


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