The French population is wary of corporate social and environmental obligations

Three quarters of the population is wary of the social and environmental obligations of companies. Here is the conclusion of a Harris Interactive survey for the Impact France movement, published Wednesday, February 9.

In the age of responsible communication, the French will not be fooled. Only 23% of respondents believe that “companies act for the environment and/or society at the expense of a real effort, over time” and that “it costs them to do this”, report madness

A marketing strategy?

42% of the thousand respondents in his survey (representative of the French population) rate the deployment of companies as “superficial”. Critics, these people believe that the actions taken by organizations are “uninteresting, cheap for them” and “unsustainable”. 33% of those surveyed believe that these commitments are solely “a marketing strategy”. According to these people, their obligations are only there to give themselves “an environmental and social image when they are not making real efforts on these issues”.

Faced with this observation, a majority of respondents (67%) say they don’t know how to “distinguish between truly responsible companies”.

The role of government

So to help them with their distinction, 59% of French men and women believe that companies should be subject to certain restrictions from the government.

For example, more than four in five respondents believe that business leaders and shareholders should index their pay to “the social and environmental performance of the company. †

Finally, nearly 9 in ten people (87%) say they are in favor of the creation of a “synthetic index to assess the social and environmental involvement of French companies”, we can read in madness† According to the interviewees, “the labels are little or poorly known”.

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