The American brand Coach wants to train students to restore its second-hand bags

The American brand is increasingly open to more sustainable fashion. After the launch of a circular program in 2021, it inaugurated a new internship offer, this time dedicated to the renovation of second-hand parts.

Luxury brands storm the breakthrough of the second-hand market. The American label Coach has decided to take the lead. As reported by luxury diary, the New York brand has announced the launch of a program called “Coach (Re)Loved Craftsperson”. Objective: to train students for a year in the restoration of pieces of the Coach brand.

Clean up, recycle, deconstruct

Specifically, people who follow this program will be trained under the guidance of master craftsmen. They will learn how to evaluate, repair and refurbish a part to give it a second life. To achieve such a feat, the students have to learn various manual or mechanical techniques: deep cleaning, leather cutting, chamfering, sewing, dyeing, details of the luxury diary

If bags with the Coach logo are returned to the workshops that are too damaged, the students will have to use a technique called upcrafting, or use creativity “to optimize the bags that are too damaged”. How? ‘Or what? For example, by cutting and sewing leather by hand. Finally, if the part is not reusable at all, a training module will provide other techniques for recycling it.

The registration will take place in the month of February 2022. The training will take place in the summer of 2022 in North Bergen, west of Manhattan (New York, United States). This Age of Time initiative comes a few months after an episode of bad press for Coach: a video by Anna Stacks, better known as @thetrashwalker on the social network TikTok, explaining the brand’s practices regarding its unsold products. denounces.

In response, Coach said via his Instagram account: “ We have now stopped destroying damaged and unsaleable products and are working to maximize the reuse of these products as part of our Coach (Re)Loved program and other circularity programs. †

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