Sustainable fashion: 4 reasons to choose a linen t-shirt

Linen is the trendy material for this summer: in household linen or even in clothing, linen is available all year round! And yes, linen can be worn all year round. It is a material that is full of quality, the benefits of which are sometimes ignored. It is a natural and ecologically responsible material, which makes hearts capsize and which we do not want to leave. Lemahieu, a French clothing manufacturer, launches its new range of linen T-shirts for men and even women. Let’s discover all the benefits together, much more than you think!

The linen men’s t-shirt, ecological and local

Linen is an essential material in her responsible wardrobe. the linen t-shirt for men or women is made of a cultivated plant usually on the coastal area, from Normandy to the Netherlands, via our Belgian neighbours. In addition to the France is qualified as leading producing country linen.

It is said that the linen is environmentally friendlybecause initially it does not require: no artificial irrigation, a real asset to the environment. Indeed, to make a linen T-shirt for men or women, the northern weather is ideal : Due to the sun and the rain, the flax plant can grow in 100 days. And who says ecology and respect for the environment? absence of chemical and toxic products. It is a crop that does not need pesticides or fertilizers, it feeds on what is in the soil. Finally, flax cultivation is a crop rotationmeaning that the soil becomes favorable for other plantations thanks to flax.

The linen men’s t-shirt, impeccable sturdiness

The linen men’s t-shirt will last for years. And yes, linen is known for its strength and resistance. Lightweight flax fibers can be stored for years without twisting or fluffing. It is one of the few fibers that solidifies and washes out over the years. By washing, your linen men’s t-shirt becomes supple thanks to the pectin in the fiber that dissolves when it comes into contact with water.

The linen men’s t-shirt, good for our skin

One of the advantages of wearing a linen t-shirt for men or women concerns the advantages of the material. Linen is bad absorbent : so it is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. Flax is widely used in medicine and will limit the spread of bacteria. Linen fiber, very high quality and sturdy, has been known for centuries for its respect for the skin. Other benefits? Linen is thermoregulatory : it regulates the temperature itself.

The linen men’s t-shirt, for every season

We just confirmed that linen was a thermoregulatory material. This is one of the advantages of this material and not the least, thanks to which it can become wear whatever the season. Linen provides freshness in summer, without retaining the smell of perspiration. Indeed, the pectin present in the fiber will absorb water without leaving a feeling of dampness. For the winter, it retains heat thanks to its insulating and absorbing property.

the linen present from many advantages what could make you shiver? Find them Achel linen t-shirts from Lemahieubetter for you and for the environment.

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