Sunburn: 4 natural and effective tips to soothe them

A siesta in the garden, a lunch on the terrace or an afternoon at the beach… When the weather is nice, all occasions are good for a sunburn. Although the skin is not primed yet, it is particularly sensitive to UV rays. If it’s best to cover up with clothes, a hat, or sunscreen to avoid the sun’s bite, effective natural remedies exist to relieve mild sunburns and prevent the skin from peeling a few days later.

Rule n°1: avoid sunburn

The best weapon against sunburn is prevention. Indeed, if they are unattractive and sometimes painful, they are especially extremely dangerous. In fact, exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer, also known as melanoma. Hence the importance of protecting yourself from it. That is why we choose SPF 50+ sunscreen that we spread out every two hours and we avoid the hottest hours to expose ourselves (12am to 4pm). For children there are UV t-shirts to keep out the sun. Finally, the best way to protect yourself from sunburn is in the shade. So think of the parasol on the beach or on the terrace to provide you with anti-UV protection…

Rule No. 2: Assess the extent of the damage

If there are natural remedies to soothe sunburns, they won’t work on the most intense burns. It is up to you to estimate the extent of the damage in order to choose the most suitable solution.

  • If your skin is red, warm, and itchy, you probably have a first-degree burn. In this case, you can choose one of the methods described in this article. At the same time, remember to hydrate yourself well and watch that fever does not appear. Of course it is also advisable not to expose yourself anymore, at the risk of accentuating the burn.
  • If your skin is not only red but also has blisters, it is a priori a second degree burn. Then go to your pharmacist who will tell you about an emollient cream.
  • Finally, if the blisters continue to appear, the skin does not turn red, or if you have a fever, call your doctor, you may have heat stroke.

Home remedies for sunburn


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Yogurt, Greek or curd, with its creamy texture and incredible freshness, yogurt is the best friend of red skin. In addition to the touch of freshness it will bring to your skin, the probiotics it contains ensure that it rebalances the skin’s pH to treat it in depth. To naturally heal your sunburn, cover the sunburned area with a thick yogurt compress. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

calendula oil

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Another particularly effective remedy for grandmothers: calendula oil. Obtained from marigold flower, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for the treatment of sunburn. To enhance the restorative effect of calendula oil, apply it to slightly damp skin. Unlike moisturizing creams, vegetable oils do not contain water. To repair sun-damaged skin, massage it gently with a little calendula oil to allow it to penetrate the tissues well.

Sodium carbonate

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It is the essence of the house. In the kitchen, cosmetics, for the household or in the garden, bicarbonate has the solution for everything! Antiseptic and soothing, it also works wonders on sun damaged skin. To use, mix cold water with baking soda on a compress. Place it on the part to be treated and let it act for ten minutes before rinsing with cold water. Repeat the operation two to three times a day.

aloe vera gel

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Whether you have an aloe vera plant at home or you buy a pure gel from the trade (pharmacy, organic store), aloe vera should quickly blow a breath of fresh air on your sunburnt skin. This juice in the fleshy leaves of the plant is full of properties for the body, especially for stimulating the skin’s regenerating cells. To soothe sunburn, simply apply the gel directly to the skin without rinsing.

All you have to do is search your fridge, your cupboards or your medicine cabinet to find one of these precious products to treat your sunburn. And to prevent this from happening again, discover 5 tips to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

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