Student survival kit: a dozen brands are fighting precarious student courage

Message to all students affected by the crisis! 9 brands are committed to “supercharger” the purchasing power of young people who “hard to make ends meet”† From March 30 to April 30, discounts are given to young people in precarious situations. It concerns different products that are essential for everyday life: food, hygiene, transport, but also insurance, fashion and leisure, Phénix, who was at the cradle of the initiative, tweets. For this operation, the start-up specializing in the fight against waste has joined forces with Dott, DreamAct, Franprix, Lamazuna, Pulpe de Vie, StudyAssur, Recyclivre, WIZBII and NOUS anti-gaspi.

Discounts may be granted to young students enrolled in higher education courses in France. To access the offers, visit the Phénix website. The platform promises up to 90 euros saved over the month. An amount that makes a difference for small budgets.

In parallel with the action aimed at precarious students, the brands commit themselves to make a financial donation to the Cop’1 association. The latter distributes food and basic necessities to students in need on a weekly basis. “Objective: more than €10,000 in donations”Phoenix announces on Twitter.

Since the health crisis, insecurity among students in France has continued to grow. The work of associations is essential, but brands must commit to it.

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