“Stop Paying for Plant-Based Milk in the United States”: Paul McCartney Challenges Starbucks

All you need is love…and free plant-based milk in your Starbucks coffee. In the United States, the well-known coffee chain charges its customers a surcharge to exchange cow’s milk for a plant-based drink. And for Paul McCartney, it’s not over. In a letter addressed to the company’s No. 1, the Beatles bassist and former vegetarian wanted to pass a call from the PETA association, calling for an end to this practice. A welcome effort from the artist.

Within a month, Paul McCartney is due to go to Seattle as part of his world tour. Coincidence: This city is home to Starbucks’ headquarters, challenged by the Beatles in a deliberate letter, as reported 20 minutes

“I recently learned that Starbucks in the United States is supplementing plant-based milk instead of cow’s milk. I have to say this surprised me as I understand that in other countries like UK and India both types of milk pay the same price. I would kindly ask you to consider this policy for Starbucks USA as well.” wrote the famed bassist in his writing, co-written by the animal protection association PETA.

The message is for Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, who will retire on April 4. For McCartney, there’s no question of letting it go without changing his practices: “I sincerely hope you can implement this policy for the future of the planet and animal welfare”he added in his letter.

Cow’s milk, less ethical and ecological than the plant-based alternatives

If he is best known for his music, McCartney is also a personality who is committed to the pet cause. The artist was a vegetarian for decades, most notably supporting a PETA campaign denouncing atrocities in slaughterhouses in 2020, recalls 20 minutes† Faced with the practices of Starbucks and other major companies that overcharge plant-based alternatives, the Beatles wanted to reaffirm their support for the animal rights association.

In addition to the exploitation of animals, PETA also denounces the environmental impact of cow’s milk. According to the association, it generates three times more greenhouse gases than its plant-based alternative. It would also take 628 liters of water to produce one liter of milk, a proportion reduced by 90% for soy or oat milk.

In France, Starbucks has already withdrawn the surcharge that previously applied to plant-based alternatives. Let’s hope McCartney’s message gets through.

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